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Musaji Adam & Sons is one of leading lab sourcing group, serving Pakistan's scientific community since 1960. Our family of world's leading brands provides a complete portfolio of microbiology, chemicals, life science research and filtration products as well as laboratory glassware, plasticware and equipments for healthcare, industrial, research and educational laboratories.

Customerization is the key of our success, we have streamlined our products into strategic business units, namely Chemicals & Life Sciences, Clinical and Industrial Microbiology, Labware & Consumables and Laboratory Equipments which are being lead by dedicated BU Managers inorder to provide personalized attention to our customers.

Although our product line is quite extensive, it is possible that you may have a special requirement that is not listed on our website. If so, please contact us to discuss your requirements, this is our commitment to constantly bring new products to the marketplace that will enhance your productivity.

We welcome customers across the country and look forward to being your single source for Laboratory Supplies ®.

At your service, we remain.